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Atlantic 1801 is a web company locally owned here in Pictou County, Nova Scotia. The company has been in business for 7 years and this is backed by 25+ years of IT & Web experience. We're able to meet all your online web presence business needs. 

Our company name has a symbolic connection to Pictou County, Nova Scotia. When the company was set-up, we were seeking a name that would bring connection to community and history. This area is well known to Highland Emigration to Nova Scotia and in 1801 this was a special year for new emigrants arriving in the area. There was a total of "5" ships that had arrived in 1801 and each one is listed below:

1801 - The Ship 'Sarah' arrived with 700 emigrants to Pictou, Nova Scotia & New Brunswick.
1801 - The Ship 'Pigeon' arrived with a group of settlers to Pictou, Nova Scotia.
1801 - The Ship "Aurora" arrived with settlers from Strathglas Scotland to here, in Nova Scotia.
1801 - The Ship "Dove" of Aberdeen, Scotland arrived with settlers to Pictou, Nova Scotia.
1801 - The Ship "Golden Text" of Aberdeen, Scotland arrived with settlers from Glenmoriston, Scotland to Nova Scotia. 
Reference: http://www.moidart.org.uk/datasets/glenmoidart/13.htm

Our name is symbolic to this area and we're proud to be here. Nova Scotia, Canada is an amazing place to own and operate a business. We encourage others globally to look at the growing options in investing into business within Atlantic Canada. We have an amazing work force, quality of life and also decades of experience in a wide variety of industry. When another business wins new clients within the area or within Nova Scotia, we all win!

Recent projects

Atlantic 1801 Web Development & IT Solutions is a Canadian owned company located in Nova Scotia Canada. The company made its 1st presence in Atlantic Canada in 2013. Since the 1st day of operation, the company has managed to find its way with developing, creating and networking with a variety of business'es globally. Since 2018, the company has developed and created it's own online learning platform. This platform has made its way across the globe and will be become more prominent as the team finalizes the last touches of the system. We're proud to say, the name chosen was "The SeaHorse Learning Platform".

Diverse Creative Team

We have decades of combined experience in a variety of industry markets.

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It is interesting to note that those businesses that perform at the highest levels usually have some sort of strategy.

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Business analytics can be described as a technique that helps in decision making process in businesses.

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We have a proven methodology to developing a sure fire Market Program that generates awesome results.

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Interactive team work represents a new way of providing complex information in a simple and effective manner.

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We cater to variety of industry markets. Combined with our skills in web media and programming we can meet your goals.

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Live customer support can do so much more for a company than business owners and managers actually realize.

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Creativity is in everything we design and develop.

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When we create, we create with passion and the desire to be #1.