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WhaT We Do

Owned here in Nova Scotia, Canada. We can develop, design and finally produce all your online needs. We're backed by 25+ years of experience and although that may sound like a lot time. It truly is, meaning we're up to-date with the growing trends. Our team can work with your budgets, your challenges and also your business needs. If you need someone to work with one on one, that also can be arranged.

Web Design

Need a stunning website? Looking for a responsive website? We have you covered, just ask.


Logo design, icon design or anything relating to graphics or branding? We're here!


User Interface and User Experience, go hand in hand. We will work with your needs.

SEO Services

We provide the service of Search Engine Optimization. We take the mystery out of making this work.

Our support

We 're dedicated in providing support to a wide variety of Web content systems. 

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WordPress Support

We can help you with all your WordPress needs. Including custom themes and plugins.

Drupal Support

Looking to migrate Drupal to another CMS? Need help with understanding this system?

Joomla Support

We've been working with Joomla since it launched. We can assist with all your needs.

HTML5 Support

We can help you with your legacy HTML sites or a new HTML5 website.

Our Services

Video Production

Our team will help you produce, edit and push your media content to the web. 

Ecommerce Solutions

Consult with us before you choose a system. We can provide support to most all shopping cart systems. 

LIVE Chat Solutions

We an install a LIVE chat system to your site and you can manage it or we can offer our internal team to manage all the chats for you.

Bug Fixing

We love puzzles. In fact we will see if we can fix it before you or your company needs to pay!

Server Support

We're able to support cPanel & Plesk. If you need help with these either of these systems, let us manage them for you.

Theme Customization

We offer theme customization to most all CMS type systems. We will work with your budget and your online business plan.